AJAXloader Plugin

The ajaxloader plugin is a helper plugin for various other plugins.

Download and install the plugin using the Plugin Manager the following URL:

Refer to Plugins on how to install plugins manually.

The ajaxloader plugin aids in implementing both sides of an AJAX call: Calling and providing the endpoint. You can freely combine both parts with each other or with DokuWiki’s own facilities.

The plugin provides two functions: doku_ajax(call, params) and serialize_form(form). doku_ajax should be used as a constructor. It expects the name of the ajax call in the format »plugin_PLUGINNAME« or »plugin_PLUGINNAME_CALLNAME«. You may optionally specify a hash with request parameters common to all requests made with this AJAX object. If you provide a form object, it is automatically serialized using serialize_form.

The plugin provides a simpler way of developing the endpoint than hooking AJAX_CALL_UNKNOWN: Just create a file ajax.php in your plugin directory. If you need multiple endpoints, create a directory ajax/ instead and drop files CALLNAME.php in it. You may expect the same preprocessing as through lib/exe/ajax.php, only a bit faster. Moreover, if you provide an array called $AJAX_JSON, it is automatically echoed in JSON-encoding afterwards.